Going Against The Grain: How Hashan Kodituwakku Followed His Passion For Technology To Create Intuition Consultancies

Sometimes going against the grain of what you’ve known your whole life is risky. However, for Hashan Kodituwakku, it was exactly what he needed to propel himself to build a successful IT company, Intuition Consultancies, that services Canadian businesses with robust IT, compliance, and cybersecurity support.  

Turning To Technology  

Growing up in Sri Lanka, Hashan was raised to follow a certain way of life. His mother was a teacher, and his father was an electronics engineer, and they always had high hopes for their son. “I was from the bio stream in school, so my intention was to become a doctor or surgeon. However, my family didn’t have the funds, so I had to find an alternative option,” explains Hashan, “I was 17 when I got my first computer, an X86, and I remember it was the size of a fish tank, with big 8-inch floppy disks. I became very interested in how everything worked, so I decided to go to school for IT. I remember sitting in my first class and really liking it. From there, I never looked back.” 

As a result, Hashan spent much of his early 20s receiving several certifications and degrees. He started off with his standard diploma based out of Sri Lanka before receiving his BCS qualifications and then finally graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, with a Master of Applied Science and a Master of Technology in 2006. From there, he began working for various technology companies, moving from Melbourne to the U.S. before eventually landing in Canada.  

With each company he worked at, he saw one commonality. “I worked for all these companies in different countries, and I noticed that, although they’re providing IT services, their security was very, very low. Not only that but educating decision-makers on the best practices and things they needed to do was nonexistent. I thought to myself, ‘There must be a better way,’” recalls Hashan.  

For example, Hashan was working with a company that had 650 employees, yet security was at the bottom of their list. “This company got hit with ransomware because their security was nowhere near where it needed to be. I helped get them back up and running. When I asked the CEO why they hadn’t invested further in security, he basically said that his selection for IT people was anyone who could put a computer together and that they should be able to manage the rest. At this point, it was clear many businesses weren’t taking security compliance seriously, and I wanted to change that narrative,” states Hashan. That inspired him to create a full-service IT firm that would take that extra step to protect their customers’ data with proper IT infrastructure, security measures, and educational elements — and thus, the idea to create Intuition Consultancies was born.  

Creating Intuition Consultancies 

Intuition Consultancies started life as another business called On Track IT Solutions, which was founded in 2008. When Hashan took it over in 2016, he rebranded it to Intuition Consultancies and went to work creating a white-glove service for his clients. “I wanted to create a business that was a one-stop shop where we will take over your IT pretty much for the price of one or maybe two in-house IT staff. We provide the infrastructure, security, and even things like VoIP and telephones. So, customers don’t have to invest in any infrastructure, just laptops, desktops, and internet—we take care of the rest,” says Hashan. “We also cover the compliance side of things, HIPAA and whatnot, and will stand in front of their auditors and can act as their virtual CTO.”  

It’s not just about being a full-service IT firm for Intuition Consultancies, but also educating their customers to better empower the end users with knowledge. “I believe that security is everyone’s problem,” says Hashan. “That’s why doing the education and also things like phishing simulations are so important here.”  

Beyond providing the best security, compliance, and IT services, Hashan knows their customers are at the heart of everything they do. “First and foremost, we’re dedicated to a client-centric approach and digging deep to understand our clients’ businesses and how we can serve them better. We always strive to exceed their expectations and lead with integrity, trust, and transparency while upholding the highest standards possible,” Hashan asserts. “We also want to be at the forefront of our industry so that we can always be offering the most innovative services to our clients.”  

Some of their other core values include collaboration, respect, and excellence, which extend to their employee culture as well. Hashan is big on diversity and inclusion and has a multicultural staff from all different ethnicities. In addition, Intuition Consultancies has been doing significant charity work in Sri Lanka for the past few years, such as providing medical supplies for the Children’s Hospital, because quite a few team members are from there, including Hashan himself.  

And this mindset of going the extra mile can be seen in all areas of Intuition Consultancies. Hashan and his team are so confident in their services that they offer a 200% money-back guarantee. So, if a client isn’t happy with their services within the first month, they’ll return their fee plus match their contract fee on the top—completely out of pocket.  

In addition, as a part of an ongoing effort to provide clients with the best services possible, Intuition Consultancies has successfully completed their SOC-2 Certification, and their data center is ISO27001 certified. “We can do this because we take care of everything for our clients and have the highest certifications that North America has to offer. So, instead of being reactive, we are proactive and have a zero-trust policy, which has resulted in zero infiltrations of our clients’ accounts since our inception.”  

Ultimately, it’s clear that Hashan’s interest in technology and willingness to go against the norms he’s been taught led him down a path that allowed him to fully explore the best ways to service his customers in the ever-changing IT world. And he and his team have no intention of stopping; rather, Intuition Consultancies will continue to provide premier IT services for Canadian businesses looking for support with their IT, compliance, and cybersecurity needs.  

For more information on Intuition Consultancies, visit intuitionconsultanciesinc.ca/

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